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Dream catcher

I want to lie down here, assured that I belong to this world, to this life. To rest, to dream and wake up to a new world. Dreams will be written on our bodies, filtered through light and it will no longer be sure whether we are captured by dreams or dreams capture us. And we will lean on each other, lean on the world and we will be carried, like babies. In the dream we will return to an origin where we belong together. We will start and end here. In a dream.

Choreography Helena Franzén
Directors Helena Franzén & Håkan Jelk
Dance Sofia Calander, Helena Franzén, Joel Fritzon, Noah Rengart, Victoria Roberts.
Music: Konstantin Trokay
Film & edit Håkan Jelk
Length 9 min 40 sec
Location Lövtjära/Stråtjära Söderhamn Sweden
Release: 2022


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