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Step into the forgotten halls of her abandoned school. Watch as a woman’s poignant dance revives the echoes of memories long left behind, intertwining sorrow and joy in a captivating exploration.

In this evocative dance film, a woman embarks on a poignant journey back to her long-abandoned school. As she moves through the empty corridors, her dance becomes a vessel for resurfacing memories, blending moments of sadness and joy. Discover the lingering fragments of her past as she weaves a captivating narrative through movement, exploring the profound impact of cherished memories and the emotions they evoke.

Choreography Helena Franzén
Directors Helena Franzén & Håkan Jelk
Dance Helena Franzén
Music Stefan Johansson
Film & edit Håkan Jelk
Length 6 min
Location Dobrostan Bulgaria
Release: 2020


Selected for filmfestivals: Cinematica Festival, Ancona Italy 2021. InShadow, Lisbon Portugal 2021. ScreenDance Festival, Stockholm Sweden 2021. Thessaloniki Cinedance International, Thessaloniki Greece 2021. Multiplié Dance Film, Trondheim Norway 2022. 11th international dancefilmfestival 2022,  Brussels.

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