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Dream catcher

Step into Sofia’s dream. In a magical pine-tree forest, she embraces hope and discovers her destiny as The Dream Catcher.

Dream Catcher is a captivating dance film that blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy. Follow Sofia as she finds solace and optimism in an enchanting pine-tree forest, where her dreams come alive. As she delves deeper into this ethereal realm, Sofia realizes her true purpose: to become The Dream Catcher, weaving together the threads of imagination and reality.

Choreography Helena Franzén
Directors Helena Franzén & Håkan Jelk
Dance Sofia Calander, Helena Franzén, Joel Fritzon, Noah Rengart, Victoria Roberts.
Music: Konstantin Trokay
Film & edit Håkan Jelk
Length 9 min 40 sec
Location Lövtjära/Stråtjära Söderhamn Sweden
Release: 2022


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