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To hunt or to be hunted…or to hunt and at the same time be hunted. Nature and culture: tensions and an act on balance and losing balance. Again and again. Not to be seen, to hide, covering behind the masks. Laying down your arms and unveiling the role. For a short moment not just listening but also smelling the world. Sensing something else, something beyond and for a short moment returning, recapitulate.

Choreography Helena Franzén
Directors Helena Franzén & Håkan Jelk
Dance Claudia Fürnholzer, Maria Ulriksson
Music Jenny Wilson
Cinematography & edit Håkan Jelk
Length 5 min 12 sec
Location Angarnsjöängen Vallentuna Sweden
Release: 2022


Selected for filmfestivals: Moving Body Film festival – Bulgarien 2022. Exeter Dance International Film Festival – England 2022.  Thessaloniki Cinedance International – Grekland 2022.

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