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Helena Franzén & Håkan Jelk

Welcome to our webpage on dance film, where you can explore the collaboration between choreographer and dancer Helena Franzén and film photographer Håkan Jelk. Since 2011, they have been pushing the boundaries of the photographic and cinematic realms, creating a unique fusion that transcends traditional artistic boundaries.

At the core of their work lies a deep emphasis on the relationship between space, time, and the physical body. Through their films, Franzén and Jelk craft explore movement, where dance becomes a vehicle for expressing the profound connection between the human form and its surroundings.

What sets their films apart is their distinctively stripped-down aesthetic. By stripping away unnecessary embellishments, they invite viewers into a raw and intimate experience, allowing the essence of the dance to shine through. This deliberate simplicity not only enhances the emotional impact but also strives to create a subjective and universal connection with the viewer.

Through the medium of dance film, Franzén and Jelk aspire to democratize dance, making it accessible to a wider audience. They recognize the potential of film to transcend physical limitations and geographical boundaries, providing a platform for the art of dance to reach and inspire people.

Join us on this immersive journey, where dance and film intertwine, pushing artistic boundaries and unlocking new possibilities. Experience the power of this collaborative duo as they breathe life into the art of dance, utilizing the potential and unique qualities offered by the film medium.

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